Step In My Shoes  (Song 0f Songs  SOS-777)  1979?








Step In My Shoes is another admirable entry in their catalog, with ‘He’s Got The World In His Hand’ supplying the should—have-been-a—hit number via its infectious happy/sad melody and inspiring acoustic guitar lead. ‘Lift Up Your Eyes’ gets an extra point for tossing in a short art-rock interlude. Electric guitar steps in a few times, adding sentiment to the closing MOR ballad ‘The End Of Time’. Brass on a couple songs, some country steel guitar on another, plus the usual variety of keyboards, including a liberal supply of Arp strings. Maybe it’s the fact that these guys took the independent route, but their brand of pop-rock and ballads seems to be a lot more effective than the standard radio ccm of the time. ‘ (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).









Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I Love Him More Today
1-2San Francisco3:50
1-3Gonna Take a Ride4:25
1-5I'm in Love with Love4:02
2-1If You Ain't Living For Jesus3:31
2-2He's Got the World in His Hands4:22
2-3It's Not a Dream0:45
2-4Lift Up Your Eyes4:27
2-5Step in My Shoes4:04
2-6The End of Time5:14