A Reason To Give  (Crusade  LP 557)  1976



Fortunately Dave Dilley’s music is much more interesting that his polyester leisure jacket suggests. A Reason To Give is a fine amateur rock effort, with both acoustic and plugged-in moods. What really helps give his homemade record a unique quality are the instrumental flourishes of Crusade session man Bill Casolari, including fancy violin, skillful acoustic guitar leads, psychy muted organ and occasional saxophone accompaniment. Nice flute in parts, plus slick electric guitar action sprucing up rocking cuts like ‘Elijha’ and ‘Roads’. Covers of ‘Through It All’ and ‘Amazing Grace’ are fairly average, but all the remaining Dave-penned numbers come across pretty good. Sometimes a floating dreamy mood like Frank Dumin’s Another Dawn. Dave’s got a nice smooth voice that’s well suited to the material (not really a rocker voice, but not wholly traditional either). A former drug user and seller, Dave found the Lord after almost succumbing to an overdose. At the time of this recording he had became director of Twin City Teen Challenge in Urbana, Illinois. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




I have not acquired this album yet.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1When A Man 3:23
1-2A Reason To Give3:00
1-3Leaving 3:22
1-4Ride The Wind 3:48
1-5It's Never Too Late 3:30
2-1Through It All 3:20
2-2Elijha 3:50
2-3Love Song 3:15
2-4Roads 3:50
2-5Amazing Grace - Traditional 2:53