Io Con Voi/Anche Tu Vedrai  (Pro Civitate Christiana   CS 0155)  1969  Italy *


Clan Alleluia - Io Con Voi


As long as you don’t mind your lyrics in Italian, these obscure lps are wonderful examples of the ‘60s pop/psych/beat sound. My natural inclination is to compare this eight—man outfit to The Berets, my sole reference point for Italian Christian music. There are indeed some similarities, but I think I like these guys better — the arrangements are simpler (no strings, horns, woodwinds) and there are only a small number of vocalists. Their style is certainly consistent throughout, as most every song features the same combination of instruments: electric guitar, organ, acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Not super loud or anything, but they do have that appealing psychy dated guitar/organ sound, joined by periodic fuzz and wah-wah. In fact a few of these songs are of Nuggets ‘60s garage-rock quality, the strongest examples being the dirge-like ‘Tu Non Mi Senti’ and the marching ‘Bisogna Gridare La Gioia’ from U Suo C uore/I Vecchi Amici, both with stinging fuzz. Includes both slow and upbeat songs, joyous sounds as well as solemn moods, soft melodic moments alternating with more rock—edged material. The third album broadens the formula slightly by adding a female vocal to the choruses. Amarti E Una F esta/Sei La Casa and Tu Sei Ancora Tra Noi/Le Stelle Cantano Canzani have some good songs, but unfortunately the beat frequently gets dropped, plus there‘s sometimes a churchy quality. The latter album introduces piano, flute, trumpet and vibraphone, adding a few jazz moves, while retaining at least one large fuzz outpouring. Messa Alleluia is a return to form and perhaps their strongest album, even if it is a lot shorter than the others. Grazie, Signorel sticks with the basics of organ, electric guitar and drums, fairly calm overall, churchy in spots, but with occasional noteworthy beats, plus one track with sizable fuzz. Maybe like me you don’t understand Italian, but you’ll still be able to catch the enthusiastic refrains of “alleluia” that are scattered about. Each side of the first five records listed above has its own title, named after the first song on that side. Certainly a prolific bunch, as these full-length outings appear to have been recorded only a few months apart. Attractive graphics on all of these. Led and composed by organist Marcello Giombini. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





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 Io Con Voi


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Io Con Voi
1-2Voi V’Illudete
1-3Ho Lottato Tanto In Questo Giorno
1-4Quando Ti Chiamo, Rispondimi
2-1Se Un Uomo
2-3Ti Cantano I Cieli
2-4Vorrei Gridare Al Mondo
2-5Esiste Tanta Gente


Anche Tu Vedrai


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Anche Tu Vedrai
1-2Parole, Parole…
1-3Camminerò Tra La Gente
1-4Una Voce Mi Diceva
1-5Quando Busserò
2-1A Te Canto
2-2Tu M’Hai Creato
2-3Sei Con Me
2-4I Cieli Parlano
2-5Una Guerra D’Amore