Never Felt So Fine (Light  LS-5712) 1977








Never Felt So Free signaled a big change in direction for the group. Unfortunately the new sound lacks the creativity and charm of their earlier material, reflecting instead the orchestrated easy listening, pop/MOR and soft jazz stance typical of the Light label. The song-writing also seems to have taken a dip. As far as smooth mellow stuff goes, Children Of The Day still emerges better than most of their competition, and an occasional catchy melody can be gleaned from songs like ‘Born Again (Never Felt So Free)’ and the jazzy ‘Givin’ To Jesus’. Includes appearances by John Mehler (drums), Bob Ayala (guitar) and Al MacDougal (percussion). (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).










Let Me Take You
Sing Me A Song
Letting Go
Givin’ To Jesus
I’m In Love
Born Again
God Has Become (Everything I Need)
I’d Do Anything
Victory Song