He Hath Done Great Things For Us (Sword SWR-7002-DLP) 1977










By this time the hippie looks were gone, the production was smoother and the music was dotted with pop and praise influences. My initial response to this two-lp set was disappointment as I missed the underground folk-rock edge of their previous albums. But taken by itself. He Hath Done Great Things For Us is not all that bad. There’s actually a fair amount of dreamy mellotron activity in the background, plus enough flute, acoustic/electric guitars and heartfelt harmonies to remind you it’s still them. Several long extended tracks: 9:50 for ‘I Will Sing Of The Lord’/’I Can’t Cease To Praise You’, 6:50 for ‘Lord We Thank You’, 7:54 for ‘In Your Presence’ and the whole of side four for ‘Medley Of Truth’. Nice country steel guitar action on ‘My Praise Shall Be Of Thee’. Comes in a rather bland blue gate-fold cover made to resemble a notebook. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).









Thank you Donald for the inside of the gate-fold cover.


01. My Praise Shall Be Of Thee
02. I Never Met Anybody Just Like You
03. Yours And Mine
04. No One Like You
05. I Will Say Of The Lord
06. Lord We Thank You
07. Come Bless The Lord
08. In Your Presence
09. Some Trust In Chariots
10. Medley Of Truth