Unto The Lord (PRP 44552) 1973





Unto The Lord is an equal triumph. It’s significantly tamer than Hallelujah ! (less on the fuzz electric leads), but excels in achieving quality quiet melodic soft rock sounds with nice flute accompaniment. Taped this one for Bob Felberg who listened to it on the beach and reportedly floated away (last spotted somewhere over the Atlantic). ‘Tell Everyone’ opens the lp with a breezy up-tempo summery sound augmented by jazzy electric piano, flute, wah-wah guitar and percussion. Also sporting a lively groove are ‘Drink That Living Water’ (a twangy moment of levity with bmijo, kazoo and slide whistle) and ‘Only The Beginning’ (which brings back the heavy fuzz edge of the Hallelujah! lp). Some of the group’s most uplifting ballads can be found here, including ‘Here We Are Lord’, ‘I Will Sing Unto The Lord’, ‘City Of The Son’ and Keaggy/Sandquist’s ‘Eternally Grateful’ (the latter is the album’s sole non-original composition). There’s just a wonderful sense of joy throughout this entire album. The first three Bridge albums are all custom pressings, very difficult to locate, and feature excellent watercolor sleeve art (the best cuts from each were made available on a compilation CD from Hidden Vision in 2002). Other bands have rocked harder, but few have touched my heart as much as The Bridge.







01. Tell Everybody
02. Here We Are Lord
03. My Treasure
04. Eternally Grateful
05. Drink The Living Water
06. I Will Sing Unto The Lord
07. Only The Beginning
08. City Of The Son