Musical Mystical Bear  (MMB  LPS 101)  1972







Not a kids album as the title might cause you to believe, but an expression of spirituality in contemporary America, with lyrics based on Matthew Fox’s book ‘On Being A Musical, Mystical Bear’. Brendan Doyle had appeared earlier with Gregory Breault on The Joyful Revolution’s To Fill His Skies. This lp, however, is leaps and bounds above that album’s liturgical folk leanings. Musical Mystical Bear is an exceptionally beautiful work of art that embraces rock, folk and pop within a dreamy air of flower power progressiveness. The back cover describes it as “a moving blend of jazz, folk-rock and Mozart”. Tunes often have a casual loping stroll to them, a kind of British feel that includes subtle use of wah-wah, phasing, echoed vocals and electric piano. The ballads are especially touching, fragile tracks like ‘I’m A Rose’, ‘Time’, ‘Laughter’ and ‘Red’ sighing moumfully within their delicate arrangements. Reminds me of projects like The Neon Phi1harmonic’s The Math Confesses. Re-issued by Alba House in 1978 (RAH1955) with a modified cover design. Truly a masterpiece! (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






I have not acquired this album yet.






01. I Hear A Voice

02. We Are The Race

03. Payday

04. I’m A Rose

05. Time

06. No Buyers

07. Laughter

08. High Tide Time

09. Red

10. Musical Mystical Bear