I Belong To You  (Grapevine GRV 129)  1979  UK *






I Belong To You finds Bill staying mostly within light rock, pop and ballads. A bit tamer overall than Star Wars, although he does get a modest rock groove going every now and then, especially ‘We Belong To You’. Horns on a few songs, adding a little Spanish flavor to the opening ‘Come Celebrate’ while putting a Dixieland vibe on ‘The Revolution’. Lyrics take a rather pointed turn on ‘The Purging’ and ‘Tum Tum America’. Some of the songs remind me a little of Garth Hewitt. Participants include Mo Witham (guitars), John Pantry (keyboards), John Pac (mandolin) and Sue McClellan (backing vocals, producer). Also released in Canada on The Master’s Collection label. Bill was previously a member of the groups Joystrings, Good News and Sonset (see entries). (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







I have not acquired this album yet.




01. Come Celebrate

02. Thank You Gordon Olsen

03. Strange Encounter

04. Fountain

05. We Belong To You

06. Turn Turn America

07. The Revolution

08. The Purging

09. Give God Your Past

10. Every Child Matters

11. I Belong To You