Where The Rainbow Ends (Covenant EG 1214) 1972





“An interfaith folk rock ceremony”. Intriguing rock cantata/Oratorio/opera sort of thingie similar to Meet God, Man!, Brubeck’s Truth Has Fallen, or Rydgren/Way’s Cantata Of New Life. Divided into three sections: Creation, The Garden Of Eden, and The Covenant. Makes regular use of electric rock guitar, brass, flute, kettledrums and choir, often with gloomy dissonant vibes like the downright creepy opener ‘God Is Not Dead’. Taking inspiration from Romans 8:19, ‘Apple-Tree Blues’ utilizes sax, wah-wah and fuzz for its Arabian-acid-jazz-funk-rock brew. Sponsored by Church Of Christ, Catholic and Jewish organizations. Music composed and arranged by Raymond Smolover, with texts derived from various sources including Old and New Testaments, Shakespeare, St. Francis Of Assisi, Lao Tze, South African poet Richard Rive, and others.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






Side 1:

01. God Is Not Dead

02. Thirty Spokes

03. The Quality Of Mercy

04. Prayer

05. Benediction

06. Song Of David

Side 2:

01. Apple-tree Blues

02. On Separation

03. Mother Of Exiles

04. Ten To Live By

05. As Long As The Earth Endures

06. Where The Rainbow Ends