Sunrise, In The Dead Of Winter (K&R KRS-1041) 1979



Repp, Ray - Sunrise, In The Dead Of Winter

Sunrise is similar in style to Benedicamus, with some equally beautiful sections. A mix of gentle acoustic melodies and easygoing light rock often backed by soft electric piano and female background vocals, plus some lovely violin accompaniment in a couple spots. ‘Our God Is Love’, ‘And There Will Shine’ and ‘Come, Holy Spirit’ all draw their inspiration from Gregorian chants, while ‘When Two Or More’ is based on the traditional Shaker song ‘Tis A Gift To Be Simple’. Electric guitar and a big drumbeat kick in for the more rock-edged ‘The Mountain Of Life – Alleluia’. You owe this man a listen.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Ray Repp - Sunrise (Bck)



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I Am the Light
1-2When Two or More
1-3Our God is Love
1-4Our Prayer for You
1-5And there Will Shine
2-1The Mountain of Life – Alleluia
2-2No Greater Love
2-3Chase Not the Wind
2-4We are the Family
2-5Come, Holy Spirit