Hear The Cryin’ (Myrrh MST-6509-LP) 1972




Afler a brief hiatus Repp appeared with an album on of all places the Myrrh label. Hear The Cryin’ shows a more mature songwriter and lyricist expanding to a fuller folk-rock format that includes electric guitar and organ, while not abandoning the folk and pop style introduced on I719 Time Has Not Come True. The greater production values of the Myrrh label certainly don’t hurt either. Social and political concerns begin to take the spotlight on several songs, including ‘People Talkin’, ‘Go Find Yourself Another Poor Man’, ‘The Typewriter Song’ and the title track. ‘Tomorrow’s Sunshine’ has a simple electric guitar solo enhancing its wistful folk/pop melody. Still some simple acoustic moods, as on the recorder-backed ‘Without You’. Produced by Billy Ray Hearn.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Ray Repp - Hear (Bck)




Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Hear Them Cryin'3:04
1-2Easy Like Mountains3:53
1-3People Talkin'3:07
1-4Tomorrow's Sunshine3:47
1-5Without You3:37
2-1Go Find Yourself Another Poor Man3:11
2-2Can't Find Your Song3:38
2-3The Typewriter Song2:59
2-4Don't Look Now4:01
2-5Is That All The Wine?3:38