The Time Has Not Come True (FEL 352) 1969








The Time Has Not Come True changed direction again and revealed a softer folk and pop mixture. It’s by far his most listenable FEL album, finally free of the primitive sound that characterized his initial releases. The lyrical focus had changed as well, opting for a more ecumenical brotherhood kind of message. Songs like ‘Until Tomorrow’, ‘Let’s Pretend That We’re Young Again’ and ‘Hope It’s Not Too Late’ have gently flowing melodies built around acoustic guitars, flute and rhythm section. A few titles like ‘I Can See It From My Window’, ‘Gonna Build Us A Land’ and lightly jazzed ‘It’s Not For Sale’ add electric guitar and a mellow rock beat. Also contains his first excursion into banjo/kazoo flapper sounds (‘Apple Pie’) where he sings about “GTO’s and Cheerios”. Foldout cover.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Until Tomorrow3:44
1-2Let’s Pretend That We’re Young Again2:35
1-3If You’re Gonna Love3:44
1-4Don’t Go In The Street3:26
1-5Apple Pie3:13
2-1 I Can See It From My Window3:50
2-2In The Month Of December3:17
2-3It’s Not For Sale2:41
2-4Hope It’s Not Too Late3:09
2-5Gonna Build Us A Land2:36