Come Alive (FEL 7301-M) 1967



Repp, Ray - Come Alive



Repp, Ray - Come Alive (2)



Come Alive has a similar format to Allelu! – a male/female vocal ensemble (the Saint Louis Singers), Repp on lead vocals, and backing from guitars, banjo, bass and flute. Included here is the Jesus people crossover ‘I Am The Resurrection’, one of his most popular songs. Other familiar titles are ‘Into Your Hands’, ‘To Be Alive’ and ‘Peace, My Friends’. As with Allelu./, the better selections are the ones where the vocal ensemble takes a break, namely ‘How Long, 0 Lord’, ‘We Need Time’ and ‘Sing Out, My Soul’, all of which are worthwhile Repp solo performances. Subtitled Contemporary Ecumenical Folk Songs. Two different covers exist.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Ray Repp - Come (Multi Bck)



Ray Repp - Come (Bck)



Thank you Donald for both rear cover photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Wake Up My People3:11
1-2I Am The Resurrection2:49
1-3Into Your Hands5:22
1-4How Long, O Lord3:29
1-5The Easter Song2:21
1-6To Be Alive3:04
2-1Till All My People Are One3:18
2-2We Need Time2:34
2-3Come Children, Hear Me2:35
2-4Sing Hosanna Hallelujah2:59
2-5Sing Out, My Soul4:01
2-6Peace, My Friends4:57