Allelu! (FEL 32) 1966







RAY REPP – Allelu! – Mono – front cover – diakoneo’s



RAY REPP -Allelu! - Stereo - front cover - Donald's

RAY REPP -Allelu! – Stereo – front cover – Donald’s



RAY REPP - Allelu! - Stereo - Ken Scott's - front cover - Notice small printing across top of album front

RAY REPP – Allelu! – Stereo – front cover – Ken Scott’s – Notice small printing across top of album front





Allelu! didn’t make any strides forward with regard to recording quality. Instead of just a few male vocals singing along, we now have a larger male/female ensemble that’s backed by two guitars, bass and banjo. One is left with the impression of a youth group service, with a murky sound that reminds you this is Christian music’s caveman era. Fortunately there are a few songs that feature just Repp’s voice backed by acoustic guitar, including ‘Come, My Brothers’, ‘To Cry Is To Die’, ‘This Is The Day’ and ‘Why, 0 Why’. The title cut, ‘I Lift Up My Eyes’ and ‘What A Great Thing It Is’ are some of his best known songs. Side two is mostly shorter selections that comprise the Second Mass For Young Americans.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






Ray Repp - Allelu! (Bck)

RAY REPP -Allelu! – rear cover (1)



RAY REPP - rear cover (2) - Donald's

RAY REPP – rear cover (2) – Donald’s






Thank you Donald for the additional covers and for pointing out Ken Scott’s different front.




Song #Song TitleTime
A2Come, My Brothers2:31
A3To Cry Is To Die2:31
A4This Is The Day2:26
A5What A Great Thing It Is3:44
A6I Lift Up My Eyes3:26
B1Prayer For Mercy1:03
B2Hymn Of Praise1:53
B3Angelic Song0:48
B4Our Father1:01
B5Song To The Lamb Of God0:56
B6Glory To God On High3:40
B7God The Father3:21
B8Why, O Why2:58
B9The Love Of Christ2:46