Wish We’d All Been Ready (Word WST-8547—LP) 1971



Probably the most adventurous album that Word released back then. Still, if you’re more acquainted with the gritty-voiced rocker from Son Of Dust, then Randy’s debut will surprise you in its tameness. Randy’s voice is certainly restrained here – not his fault I’m sure. Probably Word execs thinking “hmmmm, we don’t warma go too far”. That opportunity would come later. The Billy Ray Heam production and Rick Powell arrangements seem to have opted for an overall gospel pop/rock feel, with lots of piano, female backing singers, a bit of electric here and there. Features eight of Randy’s own songs, including ‘Plastic Clown’, ‘Empty My Soul’, ‘Easy Movin’ and ‘Hallelujah Brother’. Also covers of Ralph Carmichael, Sonny Salsbury and Larry Norman (the title track). Sometimes a tad smooth, other times kinda churchy, but still managing a mild rock edge in spots. An important album, but better things were ahead. Cover notes state that Randy had previously been the lead singer of an acid rock band, followed by a two-year stint in a gospel quartet called The Revelations.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I found the rear cover notes very informative.     diakoneo


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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Plastic Clown4:52
1-2Empty My Soul3:48
1-4Psalm 192:40
1-5When I Think Of The Cross2:03
1-6Here Comes Jesus3:10
2-1Children Come Together4:28
2-2Sunday Morning2:45
2-3Easy Movin’4:20
2-4I Guess That I’ve Changed2:57
2-5Wish We’d All Been Ready2:08
2-6Hallelujah Brother3:02