Eyes To The Sky (Myrrh MSA-6547) 1975






Randy’s fourth studio lp often has more of a pop edge than Son Of Dust – i.e., mid-rocking material with more polish in the mix, more bgvs (sometimes with a soulful gospel flair) and more keyboards (courtesy of synth man Kim Rose). ‘Pennsylvania Song’ rocks proudly as it documents Randy’s being unplugged before a concert crowd of 25,000: “you pulled the plug and drained my soul, but I know I left a ring around the tub of tradition, I saw some dance and sing”. The solemn Neil Young. vibes return for the classic ballad ‘Oh My’ (“I talked with junkies, I ate with whores, I stuck your stickers on bar room doors”). Also includes the somewhat controversial ‘Captain’ (something about the line “the captain was deceived”). A touch of sitar on ‘It Took A Carpenter’ and ‘Tl1ere’s A Shadow Passing Over The Land’, ethnic recorder on ‘Wounded Warrior’. Nice electric guitar work in spots, whether rocking hard on the closing ‘Four Horsemen’ or flowing along to the smooth groove of ‘Guardian Angel’. Produced by Austin Roberts, who also co-wrote three of the songs.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).








Song #Song TitleTime
1-1It Took A Carpenter3:12
1-2Oh My3:22
1-3Paid In Full2:45
1-4There’s A Shadow Passing Over The Land3:11
1-5Wounded Warrior3:48
2-2Guardian Angel3:12
2-3Pennsylvania Song3:49
2-4In The Morning4:36
2-5Four Horsemen4:05