Live In Australia (Rhema RH015) 1978 Australia *




Released only in Australia, this disc could easily pass as a third 1p in the Now Do You Understand? set as there are no tunes duplicated Set-up is virtually the same with just Randy, acoustic guitar, microphone, audience and humorous spoken blurbs that solidly confirm Randy as supreme loon. Golly, he’s even still got that shiny silver space jacket! The Matthews collector will definitely want to seek out this his most obscure release, especially since it’s got several songs that are unavailable elsewhere (‘Son Of A Gun’, ‘Australia’, ‘What Seems Real’, ‘Walk On Little Children’ and ‘Lonely Don’t Be’). Also live Versions of songs from the Matthews, Taylor & Johnson lp (‘Over There’ and a hilarious audience sing-along of ‘Second Coming Sunset’) and his upcoming 1980 self-titled release (‘Miracle Man’, ‘Jesus Revive Me’, ‘Small Circle Of Friends’). And then of course there are those delightful raps between the songs, herein given such intriguing titles as ‘Testimony Game’, ‘The Christian Box’, ‘Jesus In The Garage’, ‘Jaws’ and ‘Jam With David’. Must be narrow grooves in the vinyl cuz there’s over 62 minutes of music on a single disc.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Intro & mic test1:59
1-2Miracle Man7:26
1-3Son Of A Gun6:42
1-5What Seems Real 6:24
1-6Walk On Little Children4:47
2-1Second Coming Sunset10:08
2-2Small Circle Of Friends5:20
2-3Jesus Revive Me4:26
2-4Over There5:43
2-5Lonely Don’t Be3:50