Now Do You Understand? (Myrrh MSZ-6546) 1975






Randy Matthews - Now (In Rt)
Classic live double lp featuring nothing but Randy and his guitar for 68 minutes, revealing a personal portrait of the man not discernible from his studio works: Randy the kid that hasn’t grown up; Randy the ham-it-up cornball; Randy the hippie with the quavering voice and childlike faith. This is also Randy at the peak of his space cowboy era: long scraggly hair, big ol’ beard, round Lennon specs, and a silver space suit (huh?). Most of the songs he performs are from All I Am Is What You See, Son Of Dust and Eyes To The Sky, although the versions heard here are refreshingly unique and spontaneous in their rough unplugged presentation. A few like ‘Guiding Light’ and ‘Darling I’ll Be There’ appear only on this set. All dialogue and audience interaction are preserved, simple songs like ‘Country Faith’ stretching out to ten minutes. There’s actually quite a bit of talking, but it’s no problem since Randy’s a fascinating guy to listen to. He’ll stop to have a dialogue with God, talk about his days in a gospel quartet, discuss the first time he fell in love, instruct the audience how to sing country style (“ferrr! ! !”), or tell stories about life on the road with a five-gallon jar of dill pickles in the trunk for sustenance. It’s quite apparent from all this that Randy is somewhat on the weird side – who else would ask Jesus between songs if He ever had a com beef sandwich on rye with hot mustard? You’ll love him for it though, and while he may be ridiculous and an absolute loon one moment, the next he’ll seem on the verge of tears in his seriousness. Few artists bare their emotions like this guy. Listening to this album encourages one to discard the facades and re-gain a childlike attitude in life. Other albums might have entertained me more, but this one ministers as well.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Randy Matthews - Now (In Lft)






Thank you Donald for the inside gate-fold photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
A2Holy Band2:45
A3Quartet Rap3:30
A4Dill Pickles2:00
A5The Bad Has Made It Better2:20
A6Guiding Light3:10
A7The Deli1:15
A8Sunny Day3:40
B1Important Things2:30
B3Darling I’ll Be There2:20
B4Where Were You?0:40
B5Wounded Warrior2:50
C1Country Faith10:00
C2Christmas (White House Shuffle)0:55
C3Pharaoh’s Hand3:35
D1Evacuation Day3:15
D3Oh My2:45
D4In the Morning4:10
D5The Picnic3:50
D6Didn’t He3:50