Son Of Dust (Myrrh MSA-6515) 1973




All sweeteners were thankfully put aside for this the quintessential Matthews opus. At last Randy truly sounds like a rocker here. The vocal transformation is especially apparent, making albums one and two sound like easy listening (just listen to him let loose on the opening ‘Holy Band’). Guitar, piano, occasional organ, banjo, and steel successfully zero in on that quasi-Neil-Young sound, especially ‘BrownEyed Woman’ and ‘Pharaoh’s Hand’. Honest lyrics, like ‘It Ain’t Easy’ stating “wanna go to heaven but I’m scared to die”. No horns this time, although sax works its way into the gospel-rock tune ‘Here I Am’. ‘Mighty Fine’ and ‘Evacuation Day’ are two more fine examples of Randy’s cordial upbeat Jesus rock style. Contains his classic ballad ‘Didn’t He’, one of the most popular songs of the whole Jesus music scene. This also makes the third straight album where he’s not smiling on the cover – I like that.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Holy Band
1-2The Bad Hasn’t Made it Better
1-3It Ain’t Easy
1-4Mighty Fine
1-5Brown Eyed Woman
2-1Here I Am
2-2On the Road
2-3Evacuation Day
2-4Didn’t He
2-5Pharaoh’s Hand