All I Am Is What You See (Myrrh MST-6502) 1972






One of the first lps to be issued on the brand new Myrrh label. His hair’s a bit longer and it appears that permission was given to be more radical in the music (note the fuzz guitar solo in the opener ‘Revolutionary Cause’). Much more satisfying than Wish We ’d All Been Ready, still overall pretty light, sporadically softened with strings. Some memorable ballads in ‘Johnny’ and ‘Time To Pray’. In the acoustic category are the excellent title track, the spoken-word ‘Important Things’, and ‘Flesh Of My Flesh’ which has a mysterious Eastern flavor to it. Power horns work okay on rockers like ‘Power Through You, People’ and ‘Leader Liberator’. Closes with the CCR-ish concert favorite ‘Country Faith’. All Randy-written songs this time.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Revoluntionary Cause3:02
1-2All I Am Is What You See2:20
1-3Johnny 3:30
1-4Power Through You, People3:02
1-5Time To Pray3:29
2-1Sunny Day2:59
2-2Leader Liberator2:25
2-3Flesh Of My Flesh3:10
2-4Important Things2:05
2-5Country Faith2:10