Priscilla Brazier  (Dovetail  DOVE 9)  1974  UK *



Brazier, Priscilla



Female singer’s mellow set of ballads, pop/gospel, praise, folk and country. Not one of the edgier early Dovetail releases, as Priscilla has one of those pretty but more traditional kind of voices, plus the song selection leans toward standards by contemporary gospel songwriters like Gaither, Carmichael, Skillings and Crouch. Sounds best when the piano and gospel edges are placed aside, as on ‘Early In The Morning’, ‘Many Days Have Come And Gone’ or the minor—key acoustic ‘Born Again’.  Includes three songs written by Len Magee. Says on the back that she came to England from South Africa. She recorded a second album on the Key label called Something Beautiful.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Priscilla Brazier - Prascilla (Bck)


Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Is It Nothing To You?3:16
1-2They Took My Lord2:39
1-3He Touched Me3:01
1-4Born Again1:40
1-5It Won't Be Long2:59
2-1Early In The Morning2:36
2-2The Saviour is Waiting2:37
2-3Many Days Have Come And Gone2:40
2-4Are You A Wanderer3:18
2-5Holy, Holy2:59