Miles Of Smiles (WOW 4102N2) 1976?



Miles Of Smiles

Miles Of Smiles delivers a wonderfully fresh sprightly mix of acoustic jazz, folk and rock featuring irresistible melodies spotlighted by flute and acoustic guitar, bursting with joie de vivre. Often soothing and carefree with emphasis on the jazz angle, other times carried along by a Santana—like melding of organ, electric guitar and Latin percussion. To its subject matter ‘Headless Man’ beckons “fella, put on your head, put on your mind of Christ’. The beautiful ballad ‘Life’ closes the album with a meditative blend of soft vocals, guitar, flute, piano and vibes against a backdrop of crashing waves. All selections by group leaders Bev and Steve Strick. Way International based.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Miles Of Smiles (Bck)




This one is one I posted on my original blog and it did not make the transfer to WordPress.  Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.



01. Growin' Tall

02. Ohio

03. God's Wonderful Family

04. Headless Man

05. Bless 'Em

06. Hall Of Mirrors

07. Peace

08. Love Of God

09. Life