Matthews, Taylor And  Johnson (NewPax NP 33014) 1976



Pioneers Randy Matthews, Danny Taylor, and Mike Johnson joined forces in the ‘70s for this fine collective one-shot. While some of the artists’ solo works from this era begin to lose my interest, the sum of the parts scores a winner here, Lots of others involved besides the three so it’s a full-band sound. Sax work peppers the boogie r & r of ‘Something In Common’ and the slow funkified rock of ‘The Gambler’. The guys get into it pretty heavy, hoopin’ and hollerin’ through ‘This And That’ or hammin’ it up on ‘Second Coming Sunset’. A couple nice ballads in here, too. Fine album all around.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Something In Common3:46
1-2Three Empty Vessels3:24
1-3The Gambler5:13
1-4Don’t Shake My Hand3:27
1-5The Light Song (Keep It Burning)3:58
2-1This And That3:37
2-2I Praise You, I Thank You, I Love You4:01
2-3Second Coming Sunset3:11
2-4It’s Alright3:25
2-5Over There4:13