Friendship Is Forever (Fiat TGWL 1000) 1973?


Louvat, Lorraine - Friendship Is Forever



Definitely the best and most consistent record I’ve heard from Lorraine. No nun vibes here — instead the album stays true to a ‘60s female folksinger sound from start to finish. Much like Barbie’s Journey To Jesus and Barbara Sings For Life in that respect. Simple acoustic sound featuring Lorraine on guitar, friends on bass, drums and percussion. I think I hear some electric guitar in there as well on a few songs. Lead vocals are actually credited to Denise Audette — and what a lovely voice she has. Lorraine provides occasional harmony vocal. Songs shift back and forth from simple folksy melodies (the title song, ‘Beautiful Things Happen’, ‘Rose’) to up-tempo numbers with a crisp beat (‘Take A Walk With Me’, ‘Tear The Petals From A Rose’, ‘I See A Change’, ‘Let Us Grow’). Lyrics occasionally touch on spiritual issues, but more often the message is about love, friendship and change as the song titles suggest. ‘Cherie’ draws its inspiration from a young retarded child. Primitive cover design with hand-drawn lettering and cut-out black—and-white photos adorning the front and back. Check out that incredibly cool flowery ‘70s floppy hat that she’s wearing on the front. Excellent record, a “must have” for femme folk collectors, with all thirteen songs written by Lorraine. I want that hat! (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Sorry I have not acquired this album yet.