Live  (Sparrow  SPR 1048)  1981






Lamb - Live (In Lft)



Two-disc set of Rick and Joel live in concert, recorded at Messiah College in Grantham, PA on June 29, 1980, Not just the two acoustic guitars you see pictured on the cover, but also quite a bit of electric (Rick sure loves that scratchy wah-wah). Good sound featuring fresh renditions of songs from their prior studio lps (‘Sacrifice Lamb’, ‘Baruch Ha-Shem’, ‘Shu—Vee’, ‘Engraved Invitation’, ‘Clap You Hands’, etc.), plus several previously unheard selections. ‘Jonah’ is particularly cool with its psychy guitar and mega-strange vocoder effect. Joel switches over to piano on ‘Hey, I Love You’, ‘I’ll Be a Fool’, ‘Build My World’, ‘Rama’ and ‘Comfort Ye My People’. Ya can’t help but love that adorable singing lamb on the front. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Lamb - Live (In Rgt)






Thank you Donald for the inside gate-fold photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Hallelujah 3:51
1-2Sacrifice Lamb 5:14
1-3Dance And Sing 4:00
1-4Rama 5:24
2-1Build My World 3:32
2-2Baruch Ha-Shem 3:35
2-3Least I Could Do 4:55
2-4Shu-Vee 2:49
3-1Engraved Invitation 5:32
3-2Jonah 5:12
3-3Hey I Love You 2:53
3-4I’ll Be A Fool 3:36
4-1Comfort Ye My People 6:35
4-2Clap Your Hands 4:55
4-3In The Morning 3:16
4-4I Love The Lord 3:36
4-5Break Forth In Joy 3:34