Lamb III  (Messianic  LBA 1003)  1976





Another stirring collection of solemn melodies. The guys appear to be softening they’re style a bit, toning down their rock edges in favor of a moody acoustic format, sometimes lightly embraced with strings. You can still find that electric wah-wah guitar scratching around in the background of a few songs. Slow moods with weeping cascades of guitar (‘Eli, Eli’ and ‘Song Of Ruth’), along with a couple that kick up the tempo some (‘Hallelujah’ and ‘V’Neeglah’, the latter introducing brass to their sound). Other memorable songs include ‘Ode To Bethlehem’ and ‘Queen Of Sheba’. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Messiah’s Lament2:37
1-2Ode To Bethlehem3:19
1-3Sing O’ Barren One3:22
1-5Eli Eli3:57
1-6Queen Of Sheba3:46
2-2I Will Refine Them3:48
2-3Song Of Ruth5:14
2-5Yeshua Hamashiach2:55
2-6Messiah’s Lament1:00
2-7Rivers Of Babylon4:34