Cantata Of New Life (Sirl 7-8045) 1967














I don’t get particularly worked up over the word “cantata” either, but this one had an unusual cover plastered with a collage of church imagery, a coffin, the Pope, JFK, LBJ, Vietnam, astronauts, dancing hippies, plus cut-outs of phrases like USA In Asia, Sex, Love, Suburbia, Outdated Church, Unwed, Homo, etc. Intrigued, I opened up this gate-fold phenomenon whereupon I was greeted by a photo of “the man”. Hot dog! Rydgren is the chief lyricist for this strange and intelligent twenty-eight minute work. The music, composed by Robert Way (Rydgren’s predecessor as director of TV/Radio/Films for the ALC), is a modem avant-garde blend of orchestral and choral, creepy and dissonant like a ‘60s sci-f1 soundtrack, with a steamy big-beat Mancini-esque jazz mid-section. To this Rydgren adds his deep penetrating narration in his usual compelling style. On the subject of mankind: “there is a morning, for the dimensions of his soul – his being, have been numbed by darkness. Man… muted in darkness”. “Dark… mourning… darkness…” chants the choir eerily. Side two presents the same bizarre one-minute segments that appear on side four of Silhouette Segments. Released in conjunction with the 450th anniversary of the Reformation. Once again, a wonderfully weird experience!    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


















Sorry I have not acquired this album yet.




Side A:


01. Cantata Of New Life

Side B:


01. New Life radio spot (#1)
02. New Life radio spot (#2)
03. New Life radio spot (#3)
04. New Life radio spot (#4)
05. New Life radio spot (#5)
06. New Life radio spot (#6)
07. New Life radio spot (#7)
08. New Life radio spot (#8) 
09. New Life radio spot (#9) 
10. New Life radio spot (#10)
11. New Life radio spot (#11)
12. New Life radio spot (#12)