Honeytree (Superior S-1061) 1974




Honeytree was one of the most popular female singers of the early Jesus movement. Beginning as a hippie coffee-house folk-singer, Nancy Henigbaum (her last name in German means “honey-tree”) became a Christian in the early ‘70s and hooked up with Calvary Temple in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Her early works often display a beautiful Judy Collins simplicity. Her self-titled début was originally released on the custom Superior label before receiving more widespread distribution on Myrrh (MSA-6523-LP). Honeytree contains several of her best songs, including ‘Only God’, ‘Clean Before My Lord’, ‘I Don’t Have To Worry’ and ‘Treasures’, the latter of which has been sung at many a wedding (including my own). The melody from ‘Honeytree’ would become a recurring theme over her next few albums. ‘Resist The Devil’ makes for a decent little slice of blues rock. Elsewhere the music ranges from simple folk to steel-guitar country-edged songs to mellow rock with a small band backing. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Only God 2:43
1-2Treasures 2:56
1-3Sweet Rain 2:00
1-4Hallelujah, Outasight 1:42
1-5Job's Song 1:58
2-1Resist The Devil 3:47
2-2So Much Man 2:05
2-3Clean Before My Lord 3:00
2-4I Don't Have To Worry 2:36
2-5Honeytree 4:57