Honeytree (Superior S-1061) 1974







Honeytree was one of the most popular female singers of the early Jesus movement. Beginning as a hippie coffee-house folk-singer, Nancy Henigbaum (her last name in German means “honey-tree”) became a Christian in the early ‘70s and hooked up with Calvary Temple in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Her early works often display a beautiful Judy Collins simplicity. Her self-titled début was originally released on the custom Superior label before receiving more widespread distribution on Myrrh (MSA-6523-LP). Honeytree contains several of her best songs, including ‘Only God’, ‘Clean Before My Lord’, ‘I Don’t Have To Worry’ and ‘Treasures’, the latter of which has been sung at many a wedding (including my own). The melody from ‘Honeytree’ would become a recurring theme over her next few albums. ‘Resist The Devil’ makes for a decent little slice of blues rock. Elsewhere the music ranges from simple folk to steel-guitar country-edged songs to mellow rock with a small band backing. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).









01. Only God 
02. Treasures 
03. Sweet Rain 
04. Hallelujah, Outasight 
05. Job's Song 
06. Resist The Devil 
07. So Much Man 
08. Clean Before My Lord 
09. I Don't Have To Worry 
10. Honeytree