Maranatha Marathon (Myrrh MSB-6629) 1979


Honeytree - Maranatha (Fnt)


Maranatha Marathon isn’t nearly as good as Evergreen or The Melodies In Me, but it’s still more or less classic Honeytree. The country angle is stronger than in the past, surfacing on the title track, ‘The Pilgrim’ and ‘Bethel’, the latter written by Oreon. Also a bit of string orchestration to deal with that pushes some songs toward an adult contemporary format, especially the ballads ‘Live For Jesus’ and ‘Father Lift Me Up’. ‘Righteous Rock And Roll’ has some boogie slide guitar, but doesn’t quite live up to its promising title. There’s a fun silly tuba-accompanied children’s ditty about the Rapture called ‘That’s When We Learn To Fly’ (which as I recall evoked a horribly sour facial expression from an unbeliever in my college dormitory). You can’t help but love a line like “when do all the people stop all their walking and fly like a flock of birds?” Best track is a beautiful full-blown orchestral interpretation of ‘Psalm 57’. Still a decent record but the newcomer should check out the earlier lps first. Her subsequent ‘80s albums have more of an easy Christian radio sound. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Honeytree - Marantha (Bck)



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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Maranatha Marathon3:19
1-2The Pilgrim3:59
1-3Live For Jesus3:24
1-4That's When We Learn To Fly3:26
1-5Father Lift Me Up5:56
2-1Righteous Rock And Roll3:18
2-2Psalm 575:16
2-4Go To Church3:27
2-5Do You Love Me 2:40