Me & My Old Guitar (Myrrh MSB-6584) 1977







This one’s a live concert recorded January 7, 1977 at the Bronco Bowl in Dallas, Texas. Side one is mostly straightforward renditions of tunes from her first three studio lps. Songs like ‘Searchlight’, ‘Honeytree’ and ‘Rattle Me, Shake Me’ are all backed by a small band of musicians that includes Chris Christian and Brown Bannister. Also a sing-along of ‘Ain’t It Grand (To Be A Christian)’ where she encourages the audience into a’ public display of hillbilly hoopin’ and hollerin’. The flip side has stripped-down solo acoustic versions of ‘Broadrnoor Song’, ‘I Am A Servant’ and ‘Up To The Mountains’. The latter song along with ‘My Fiddle-Playin’ Mama’ features a special appearance by Honeytree’s mother on violin. Simple and enjoyable all around with a few enlightening raps tossed in (including a humorous explanation of how she got her name). Gate-fold cover. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).













01. Searchlight
02. Honeytree
03. Ain't It Grand
04. Rattle Me Shake Me
05. Heaven's Gonna Be A Blast
06. The Broadmoor Song
07. My FIddle Playin' Mama
08. Up To The Mountains
09. I Am Your Servant
10. Clean Before My Lord