Evergreen (Myrrh MSA-6553) 1975




Back in college I volunteered for a short time at a small Christian book-store. They had a stack of a dozen or so demo records for in-store play, one of them being this album by Honeytree. Since Evergreen has the honor of being one of the very first ccm albums I was exposed to, it naturally has a special place in my heart. But my own biases aside, I’m sure many would have to agree that Evergreen is one of Jesus music’s most classic albums. Honeytree’s song-writing, diversity, and knack for writing a catchy tune are all at their peak here. Having explored folk and acoustic MOR on her first two albums, Miss Tree now successfully captures that middle-ground rock sound that along with the works of 2nd Chapter Of Acts, Love Song, Phil Keaggy, et all came to be a style of its own simply known as “Jesus music”. Phil Keaggy’s electric guitar presence is a boon, giving warmth and atmosphere to gentle cuts like ‘Ruth’, while growling away on the rocky ones (‘Mary And Martha’ in particular). Many classics here: ‘It’s Only Right’, the jazz-rocking ‘Searchlight’, ‘Say You Told Me So’, the novelty ‘Rattle Me Shake Me’, as well as the Keaggy-penned ‘(Lovely Jesus) Here I Am’ and Larry Norman’s ‘I Am A Servant’. Light stirring string orchestration in parts, plus some attractive flute work. Love that denim hat! (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-2It's Only Right 3:17
1-3(Lovely Jesus) Here I Am2:50
1-4Mary And Martha 3:18
1-6I Am Your Servant3:12
2-1Rattle Me, Shake Me3:20
2-2Searchlight 3:46
2-3Say You Told Me So 3:02
2-4Sometimes I Need You 3:38
2-5Lullaby In Jesus' Name 1:55