The Way I Feel (Myrrh MST-6530) 1974















Mellow orchestral arrangements dominate The Way I Feel and work quite well, especially when combined with some beautiful cello and classical guitar. ‘Simple Song’, ‘I’ve Got A Lot To Learn’, ‘Honeytree’, ‘Little Things’, ‘Precious Promises’ and ‘I Believe In Heaven’ are all gorgeous moving pieces enriched with gentle stirring swells of string orchestration (the latter two songs were written by Phil Keaggy). ‘You And Me’ drifts into lush hypnotic muzak, while ‘Hummer, Bummer, Bashmobile’ brings a moment of levity via its topic of an old unreliable but nevertheless lovable car. Closes with the hand-clapping ‘Heaven’s Gonna Be A Blast’. High-class easy listening, yet retains the essential folk ingredient. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



















Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Simple Song2:42
1-2I've Got A Lot To Learn 2:50
1-3Precious Promises2:44
1-4I Believe In Heaven 3:37
2-1Honeytree 3:41
2-2Little Things 3:30
2-3You And Me 2:28
2-4Hummer, Bummer, Bashmobile 2:25
Heaven's Gonna Be A Blast2:22