Friends (Maranatha HS 777/9) 1974







Ernie & Debby - Friends (Slv 1)




Debby Kerner had a fine earlier solo folk album on Maranatha (see entry), but her collaborations with friend and future husband Ernie Rettino are more a mix of string-orchestrated pop and MOR ballads. Their début includes original songs, as well as covers of Jimmy Owens. (‘He Came In Love’), Kenn Gulliksen (‘O Lord Amen’) and traditional spirituals (‘Let Us Break Bread’, ‘Swing Low’). A rather mellow easy listening affair overall A Wish we could have heard more natural hands-off tracks like the hillbilly banjo/fiddle—backed ‘Middle Of The Day’ and the acoustic title ballad. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Ernie & Debby - Friends (Slv 2)








Thank you Donald for the sleeve photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1He Came in Love4:33
1-2Let Me See2:42
1-3Doer of the Word 3:23
1-4My Religion's Not Old Fashioned4:24
1-6O Lord Amen4:04
2-1Written in the Word 5:56
2-2Promises 3:14
2-3Middle of the Day2:41
2-4Let Us Break Bread Together 3:58
2-5Swing Low 4:53