David (Myrrh MSA-6562) 1976







David is an artist whose name needs little introduction in ccm circles, his piano pop and ballads style more or less epitomizing the sound of mellow Christian radio. His debut doesn’t really stretch out that much. In fact it’s quite the ballad-dominated easy listening affair, heavy on the strings and brass, although selections like ‘Jesus’ and ‘I Love You, Lord’ apparently had enough substance to make it onto some of the Myrrh Jesus music samplers. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).








01. I’ll Sing This Song For You

02. Come Home America

03. Jesus

04. I Love The Way He Smiles At Me

05. I Love You Lord

06. Touch My Hand

07. Take Me Together

08. Got To Know You’re There

09. Imagine What It’d Be Like

10. I’ll Sing This Song For You (reprise)