I Just Call On You (Myrrh PSB-6578) 1977







I Just Call On You doesn’t have quite the overwhelmingly mellow vibe of his debut, as David occasionally draws closer to pop-rock than easy listening on songs like ‘It’s Gonna Be So Lovely’ (where you can actually hear some electric guitar). ‘Follow Me (I’ll Lead You Home)’ has a nice playful banjo country air. Still a bunch of those soft orchestrated piano ballads, if that’s your bag. Members of Fireworks on backing Vocals. Produced by Chris Christian. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







01. It’s Gonna Be So Lovely

02. I Just Call On You

03. With Tears In My Eyes

04. God’s Love

05. The Man Who Saved The Fool

06. Follow Me

07. In The Morning

08. Cold October Rain

09. Love Your Brother

10. Do You Know What It’s Like