The Vine  (Songs Of Fellowship  SFR102)  1985  UK *




This one is in “The Archivist” at the end of The Resting Place post.






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1High Praise3:43
1-2 Jesus Is King3:12
1-3We Worship The Lord2:55
1-4Lord We Are Sorry5:35
1-5Only You Are Faithrul and True2:14
1-6You Are The Vine3:22
1-7The Lord Will Rejoice2:10
2-1May The Lord Answer You3:20
2-2Hear us, Oh shepherd Of Israel2:21
2-3I Want You To Come4:52
2-4Behold The Train Is Coming4:44
2-5Revive Us Again4:55
2-6Yours Lord Is The Greatness2:47