Chuck Girard  (Good News  GNR 8102)  1975




This cherished pop-rock classic will need little introduction to most. Seems like so many people over the years have pointed to this one as a major source of personal inspiration. Chuck was of course a member of the pivotal Jesus music group Love Song, with stints in the ‘60s outfits The Hondells and The Castells long before that. On his first solo outing he continues in the lush dreamy style of Love Song while toning down some of the rock and country influences in favor of a mellower pop edge. Includes the popular ballads ‘Lay Your Burden Down’ and ‘Sometimes Alleluia’, along with upbeat numbers like ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Preacher’ and ‘You Ask Me Why’. Beautiful floating vocal harmonies, especially on the graceful acoustic ‘Quiet Hour’ and the ethereal ‘Everybody Knows For Sure’. Other songs like ‘Tinagera’ have vocal arrangements that suggest The Beach Boys. Assistance is provided by the group Ambrosia, including guitarist David Pack. Obviously something very special at work here. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Rock 'N' Roll Preacher2:44
1-2 You Ask Me Why 3:14
1-3Evermore 3:26
1-4Quiet Hour 3:27
1-5Everybody Knows For Sure 4:30
2-1Galilee 3:19
2-2Tinagera 3:47
2-3Lay Your Burden Down 5:18
2-4Slow Down 4:08
2-5Sometimes Alleluia 5:28