Take It Easy   (Good News  GNR-8108)  1979












Back in the rock, pop and ballads mode like his debut and Glow In The Dark, though a tad more polished and commercially oriented (especially the mellow songs that dominate side two). The opening rocker ‘Take A Hand’ sets the stage with its joyful striding infectious mood. Some of the usual Brian Wilson pop influences surface on tracks like ‘Love Is Alive’. How about a ‘Full Immersion Ocean Water Baptism By The Sea’? ‘Song For A Christian Wedding’ is just what it says. One of the very few Jesus music lps to also be released as a picture disk. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).








Chuck Girard - Take (Pic Bck)


Thank you Donald for the Rear cover photo.



01. Take A Hand 
02. Love Is Alive 
03. Little People 
04. Full Immersion Ocean Water Baptism By The Sea 
05. Without Your Love 
06. Our Lives Are In Your Hands 
07. His Word Is Still His Promise 
08. Song For A Christian Wedding 
09. Wings Of Mercy 
10. All I Want