Glow In The Dark  (Good News  GNR-8103)  1976




Pleasant follow-up to his respected debut kicks off with Chuck’s trademark layered Brian Wilson harmonies, this time an acappella number simply entitled ‘Anthem’. The hard-driving ‘I Remember’ is probably the heaviest thing Chuck has attempted, while ‘Somethin’ Supernatural’ provides a slow harmonica blues rock excursion – both tracks feature fine electric guitar work from John Linn. ‘Return’ takes a successful stab at country rock, with steel guitar courtesy of Al Perkins. In between are the usual reliable assortments of soft rock (‘Callin’ You’, the delicate ‘I Know A Lady’) and ballads (‘When I Was Ready To Listen’, ‘Old Dan Cotton’). String orchestration on a couple songs. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Anthem 1:00
1-2Callin' You 3:05
1-3I Remember 4:24
1-4Return 3:22
1-5I Know A Lady 3:12
1-6No, No You're Not Afraid 2:55
2-1Somethin' Supernatural3:52
2-2When I Was Ready 5:34
2-3So Thankful (Song For Easter Morning) 3:02
2-4Old Dan Cotton5:34