Brother Tell It All  (SH-525)  1971?



Geller, Charles - Brother, Tell It All



Brother, T ell It All includes covers of ‘Let Us Break Bread Together’, ‘Everything Is Beautiful’, ‘Jesus Is A Soul Man’, ‘Daddy Sang Bass’, ‘Tell It All Brother’ and others. Also a couple songs that appear to be originals. Some of the selections effectively bring in banjo, tambourine or a second acoustic guitar lead. Says “Volume 3” on the back, so I assume this is his third album. Charles is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Charles Geller - Brother, Tell It All   back cover


I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Brian for the track list & rear cover photo.





Side 1

1. Let Him In
2. Big Time River
3. Long Lonesome Highway
4. What Can I Do?
5. Let Us Break Bread Together
6. A Song Must Be Sung

Side 2

1. Everything Is Beautiful
2. Less Of Me
4. Do You Care?
4. Seek And Ye Shall Find - Jesus Is A Soul Man
5. Daddy Sang Bass
6. Tell It All Brother

Charles Geller - vocals, guitar
Bill Swick - backup instruments