Hallelujah! (Crescent City CCSS 1241) 1972



Bridge, The - Hallelujah!



Although Just For You is quite good, Hallelujah! is exceptional. The electric definitely gets plugged in on this one! Call it Children Of The Day meets Wilson McKinley, joining the fom1er’s knack for melody and fragile heartfelt guy/gal harmonies with the latter’s high-energy percussive excitement, not to mention some primo fuzz licks strewn about. Hallelujah! also displays the band’s excellence at song-writing as all the material is self-composed. The title cut’s my fave here – a f11n percussion-oriented piece full of maracas, wood blocks, cowbells, pumping bass, organ, fuzz guitar, and a simple chorus of “hallelujah!” (verse one), followed by “Jesus!” (verse two). The organ effectively contributes to the overall underground “psych” vibe, especially on the trippy intro to ‘Nothin’s Been The Same’. ‘Living My Life For Jesus’, ‘He’ll Be There’, and ‘Lifting My Voice’ are all decent acoustic ballads that set high standards for the genre. ‘Gonna Spend My Life With Jesus’ ends the album on a bouncy country banjo note. This album is one of the tops for capturing the zeal and excitement of the Jesus movement. My favorite line: “Jesus! He’s the vibration that can get you in tune.” Check out all that long hair on the back cover photo. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.



01. Jesus
02. Hiding Place
03. Hallelujah
04. Living My Life For Jesus
05. Nothing's Been The Same
06. He'll Be There
07. Lifting My Voice
08. Gonna Spend My Life With Jesus