Harbinger  (Dove  DOVE 57)  1978  UK *



UK singer/songwriter’s warm-hearted statement of soft rock and acoustic moods, with occasional country or light jazz lilt. This is a much longer-haired Barry than the one seen on his 1983 US release Don’t Look Down, one of several Pilgrim America imports that ended up as cut-outs. Musical assistance from Nick Brotherwood, Keith Loring, Mo Witham and Garth Hewitt, with Barry supplying acoustic guitar and keyboards. All songs written by Barry, including ‘Let It Rain (Reign Of Love)’, ‘Sixteen’, ‘Jackson’, ‘Koinonia’, ‘Fisher Of Men’ and ‘Love Changed Me’ (the latter two were recorded by Pam Burgess on the acclaimed This Side Of The River compilation). Nice slide guitar solo on ‘Teach Me To Dance’. Good company for Graham Kendrick, Phil Potter, Adrien Snell, Steve Goddard and all the other fine male solo artists that kept British Jesus music alive on into the late ‘70s.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Let It Rain (Reign Of Love)4:04
1-4Fishers Of Men3:30
2-1Teach Me To Dance4:43
2-2What If I Let You Down4:51
2-3Love In Deed4:40
2-4The Quest4:21
2-5Love Changed Me3:24