Just Andrae  (Light  LS 5598)  1972










Backed up musically by the group Sonlight and vocally by Danniebelle Hall, Paula Clarin and Phyllis Swisher. DD (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





Andrae Crouch - Just (Bck)






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You Ain’t Livin’ 3:50
In Remembrance 4:19
That’s What It’s All About (I Corinthians 13) 4:06
It’s Not Just A Story 3:30
Come On Back My Child 3:05
If Heaven Was Never Promised To Me 2:55
Lord, You’ve Been Good To Me 3:16
What Does Jesus Mean To You 4:13
God Loves The Country People 3:15
Lullaby Of The Deceived (II Timothy 3:13) 2:00
Bless This Holy Name (Psalm 103) 2:57