Live in London  (Light  LSX 5717)  1978











A double live album interspersed with brief talks by Crouch. Includes songs ‘My Tribute’, ‘I Surrender All’, and stirring renditions of the hynms ‘Revive Us Again’ and ‘Power in the Blood’. Also released I’ll Be Thinking of You (Light LS 5763, 1979). DD (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






Andrae Crouch - Live (In Lt)


Andrae Crouch - Live (In Rt)






Thank you Donald for the inside gate-fold photos.





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Introduction 0:28
1-2Perfect Peace 4:30
1-3I Surrender All 4:12
1-4Greetings By Andrae 0:39
1-5You Don't Have To Jump No Pews 3:40
1-6Take A Little Time 6:20
2-1Tell Them 3:34
2-2If I Was A Tree (The Highest Praise) 4:55
2-3Hallelujah 2:15
2-4Revive Us Again 2:02
2-5Power In The Blood 4:40
2-6Reprise 0:420:42
3-1I Just Want To Know You 6:17
3-2Andrae Talking 1:17
3-3Just Like He Said He Would 6:00
3-4Andrae Talking 0:47
3-5I'll Keep On Loving You Lord 3:37
3-6You Gave To Me 3:33
4-1Oh Taste And See 1:30
4-2Praise God, Praise God 2:46
4-3This Is Another Day 5:51
4-4Andrae Talking 1:20
4-5Praise God Reprise 1:35
4-6Well Done 5:30
4-7My Tribute 1:53