Listen To The Peace  (Dovetail  DOVE 51)  1978  UK*





Listen To The Peace opens with ‘Reach Me’, one of Snell’s best progressive tracks with brisk acoustic strumming, artful synths and lively electric guitar. Several gentle ballads, including ‘Peace Be With You’, ‘Listen’ and ‘Judas’, the latter a solemn piano piece with classical influences and brooding string arrangements. Jazzy moods can be found on the lilting ‘That’s Me In The Comer’ and the bright playful ‘Travelling’. ‘Turn Your Vengeance’ and ‘Children Of The Dream’ are from a work Snell co-wrote with Doug Constable called ‘Songs Of The Servant’. Another beautiful cover painting. Co-released in the US on the Maranatha label (78-045), but only the UK version has the fold-out cover. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







Reach Me 3:57
 Peace Be   With You 2:26
 Through The City Noise 3:30
 Judas 4:30
 Travelling 3:38
 That’s Me In The Corner 2:25
 Turn Your Vengeance 6:40
 Losing 5:10
 Children Of The Dream (Psalm 126) 3:42
 Listen To The Peace 4:45