Maranatha! 7  (Maranatha MM0063A) 1978





A surprisingly strong entry in the series, especially given the later date and the previous mellowing trends. Most if not all of the tracks here are non-lp, including essential entries from Bob Bennett (‘Spiritual Equation’), Oden Fong (‘He’s Always There’) and Richie Furay (‘Glory To God’). Also a fun country picker-and-grinner from Crystal River (with Bruce Herring of The Way) called ‘Death Cou1dn’t Keep My Jesus Down’, where dobro, banjo, mandolin and fiddle duke it out. Light jazzrock moods are supplied by Love Song’s Tommy Coomes (‘Love Is The Key’) and Tom and Sherry Green (‘Walking On The Water’). Other artists include Al Barrington (‘Old Age’), Leon Patillo (‘Don’t You Worry’), Kelly Willard (‘I’ll Just Depend On Him’) and Fred Field (‘He’ll Be Coming In The Clouds’).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1CRYSTAL RIVER - Death Couldn't Keep My Jesus Down
1-2RICHIE FURAY - Glory to God
1-3TOM AND SHERRY GREEN - Walking on the Water
1-5FRED FIELDS - He'll be Coming in the Clouds
2-1TOMMY COOMES - Love Is The Key
2-2BOB BENNETT - Spiritual Equation
2-3ODEN FONG - He's Always There
2-4LEON PATILLO - Don't You Worry
2-5KELLY WILLARD - I'll Just Depend On Him