Maranatha! 6 – A Family Portrait (Maranatha HS-036) 1977





Only three non—lp tracks on this one. In the pity-they-never-had-an album department is Aslan with their excellent melodic rocker ‘Who Loves The Lonely’. Becky Ugartechea contributes a fine orchestrated ballad (‘Nightingale’), while Bruce Herring takes a solo break from The Way to do some mellow easygoing country rock (‘Perfect Will’). Everything else is lifted from the artists’ full-length lps, including tuneage from Karen Lafferty, Sweet Comfort, Erick Nelson, Parable, Bethlehem, Daniel Amos and Bob & Joy Cull. What was hinted on 4 and confirmed on 5 continues here also: the periodic MOR angle tends to mar the overall listening experience. Consistency is what set apart the early albums in this series from other samplers. Gatefold cover. Some copies pressed on clear yellow Vinyl.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







Song #Song TitleTime
1-1KAREN LAFFERTY - Beautiful Day4:20
1-2BRUCE HERRING - Perfect Will3:53
1-3SWEET COMFORT BAND - Somebody Loves You3:00
1-4ASLAN - Who Loves The Lonely3:54
1-5ERICK NELSON - He Gave Me Love3:54
2-1PARABLE - The Plain Truth3:30
2-2BETHLEHEM - Desert Song3:37
2-3BECKY UGARTECHEA - Nightingale3:51
2-4DANIEL AMOS - Father's Arms4:20
2-5BOB AND JOY CULL - Sail Away4:13