Maranatha! 4 (Maranatha HS-777/10) 1974




Maranatha! 4 also includes several essential songs that are unavailable elsewhere. The Way’s dreamy rural rock track ‘Have You Ever Heard’ stands as one of the group’s finest songs, as does Mustard Seed Faith’s melodic orchestrated pop number ‘All I Know’. On the mellow side this time is Blessed Hope’s ‘So Much’, as well as Chuck Butler’s (of Country Faith) Girard-ish ‘Pearly Mansions’. Country rock is explored on ‘Since I Met Jesus’ by The Road Home, a group led by Bill Sprouse that also included Ed McTaggert of Daniel Amos on drums (an earlier version of the group recorded a pre-Christian lp on the mainstream Dunhill label). Tom Stipe and Al Perkins join 3/5ths of Love Song for two tunes under the name Wing & A Prayer, ‘Old Gray Ford’ and ‘Jesus Is Standing Here’, the latter an absorbing ballad with a wispy ethereal mood. Also lp cuts by Good News, Children Of The Day and Karen Lafferty.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1ROAD HOME - Since I Met Jesus4:13
1-2MUSTARD SEED FAITH - All I Know3:09
1-3CHUCK BUTLER - Pearly Mansions3:37
1-4BLESSED HOPE - So Much4:43
1-5GOOD NEWS - Pickin Up The Pieces4:03
2-1WAY, THE - Have You Ever Heard4:18
2-2CHILDREN OF THE DAY - The Holy Spirit Song3:22
2-3KAREN LAFFERTY - Bird In A Golden Sky3:48
2-4WING AND A PRAYER - Old Gray Ford4:34
2-5WING AND A PRAYER - Jesus Is Standing Here3:26