Maranatha! 5 (Maranatha HS-777/25) 1976



Notable for being the debut of Daniel Amos with their heart-warming non-lp ballad ‘Ain’t Gonna Fight It’. Sweet Comfort with Brian Duncan also appears for the first time with ‘Golden Ages’, as well as country rockers Bethlehem with ‘Bright And Shining Son’. Another fine Mustard Seed Faith tune in ‘Sidney The Pirate’, as well as another cut by The Road Home (the praise ballad ‘Psalm 5’). Also an orchestrated piano ballad from Bob Cull (‘So Much Love’). The remaining artists are Gentle Faith, Parable, Fred Field and Erick Nelson, each with tracks also available on their corresponding studio albums. Rather mellow at times as the album chooses to focus on the softer side of these artists, but ultimately another very worthwhile entry in this series. Look for the cover with the angels groovin’ to the jukebox in a malt shop.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1GENTLE FAITH - Jerusalem3:38
1-2DANIEL AMOS - Ain't Gonna Fight It4:27
1-3PARABLE - Maybe2:21
1-4MUSTARD SEED FAITH - Sidney The Pirate4:59
1-5FRED FIELD - Falling3:12
2-1ERICK NELSON - Something Happened To You3:00
2-2BOB CULL - So Much Love4:49
2-3BETHLEHEM - Bright And Shining Son3:52
2-4SWEET COMFORT BAND - Golden Ages3:15
2-5ROAD HOME - Psalm 53:33