Maranatha! 2 (Maranatha HS-777/3) 1972




The second album in this series of studio tracks sampling Maranatha artists, the first collection having been The Everlastin’ Livin’ Jesus Music Concert. It’s a perfect example of the folky rural soft-rock style that came to be known as Jesus music. Several names from the first compilation re-appear here: Country Faith provides ‘Come Quickly Jesus’ and the humorous country quickie ‘Ballad Of Luke Warm’, while Blessed Hope strikes up a Love Song-ish mood with ‘Never Knew The Day’. The Way also returns with two excellent non-lp tracks, the melancholy ballad ‘Jesus Is All That We Need’ and the mystery-laced rural rocker ‘Jesus Is The One’. Selah (with Erick Nelson) gives us a rich string-orchestrated ballad (‘He Lives’), while Denny Stahl sings a stirring number called ‘The Son In My Life’. The remaining tracks by Debby Kemer, Children Of The Day and Kerm Gulliksen can also be found on their respective full-length albums.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







Song #Song TitleTime
1-1TOM STIPE - Come Quickly Jesus3:45
1-2GARY ARTHUR - Jesus Is All We Need4:51
1-3DENNY STAHL – The Son In My Life3:32
1-4JIM GOLDEN – Never Knew The Day3:12
1-5ERICK NELSON – He Lives4:03
2-1DEBBY KERNER – The Peace That Passes Understanding4:08
2-2BRUCE HERRING – Jesus Is The One4:03
2-3CHUCK BUTLER – Ballad Of Luke Warm1:18
2-4KENN GULLIKSEN – Charity5:05
2-5MARSHA CARTER – Can I Show You4:09